Mercury Dual Speed Electric Floor Buffers

CleanMaster Dual Speed - 175 / 300 rpm
Two machines in one for scrubbing, spray buffing, carpet bonnet cleaning and shampooing! Labor saving dual speed at 175/300 RPM, the Cleanmaster has a 1.5 D/C motor. Available in 17", 19" or 21" apron sizes. Order brushes and pad drivers separately.
Powered by precision balanced 1.5 hp 66 frame AC motor. Dual capacitor
The all metal, balanced chassis provides more precise pad pressure and beautiful floors.
Polished metal chassis is easy to clean and looks newer longer
175/300 RPM Dual Speed.  The versatility of two 1.5 HP machines in one.
Five different sizes to choose from.
Use a brush or a pad driver.  Easy mounting with B/92 style drive plug.
Safety-enhanced interlock switch on the handle leaves both hands conveniently in control.
Safety-enhanced, non-conductive dual triggers on the handle eliminate shock potential.
Heavy-duty dual switch levers.
Fully adjustable 48" handle is comfortable for all operators.
Non-marking super thick bumper protects walls and baseboards.
6" non-marking, fixed operating wheels for easy transport.
50, 14/3 safety power cord..
Warranty - 5 year warranty on motor, transmission and chassis.

Model TS17 TS19 TS21
Machine Size 17" 19" 21"
Shipping Weight 102 lbs 103 lbs 104 lbs
Motor 1.5 HP AC, Dual Capacitors, 13-15 Amp Draw
Speed 175 RPM / 300 RPM
Power Cord 50' 14/3 Gauge Safety Power Cord
Wheels 6" Non-marking
Warranty 5 year warranty on motor, transmission and chassis
SALE $1085. $1095. $1099.
Add a Solution Tank to any of these machines for only $85.00
Optional: Carpet or Scrubbing Brush to any of these machines.  Optional:  Sand Paper Holder.  Optional:  220 volt add $135


Dual Speed Floor Machine