Carpet Cleaning Start Up Package

The best way to clean a carpet is to scrub with a swing buffer with a carpet brush on it and then extract using a carpet extractor.  This Method is called carpet restoration.  And it doesn't over wet the carpets like some rotary extraction wands.

  Mercury Floor buffer Floor machine  grey body carpet extractor 12 GALLON SANIDA



1 Each 17" 1.5 hp Floor Buffer with pad holder and carpet cleaning brush

1 Each 100 psi 12 gallon carpet extractor with dual 2 stage vacuums and Hose and Wand set

1 Each Upright Sanitaire style Vacuum   1 Each Air mover (air blower)  

Chemcial Package - Liq 90, Defoamer, Spotter, Prespray, Deodorant

Misc.- Spotting towels, Spray bottles, Spotting brush, Carpet Rake Head, Carpet spotting brush



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